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Guest Post Requirements

If you’re thinking of an article for this site, the checklist is below. I highly encourage you to use it precisely as a checklist — literally, go through the points and ensure your draft satisfies all of these criteria.

When posts don’t hit these points, I usually have to decline them. At a minimum, I’ll postpone them for several weeks at a time. The blog isn’t my full-time job, so I often push off unready posts for months, if they ever get up at all.

  1. Be sure to have joined here before submission.
  2. Submit substantive posts and original content. 
  3. Be specific and get into exact details.
  4. Give at least 1-3 weeks to schedule.
  5. Send a few topic ideas along with your draft.
  6. Include actionable takeaways and recommended next steps.
  7. Create quality evergreen content. 

How To Submit

There are two ways to submit your work to be published. If syndicated, we ask that you always use the URL we provide you (once published) in promoting in other channels.

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If you want to be published here on the site as a guest writer, submit directly by clicking here. If accepted, your articles will get maximum distribution through this site, our partners, the newsletter, the Medium channel, social media, and all other distribution outlets.

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If you want to add your article to our guest column, write your article on Medium and submit it to our curated Medium channel by clicking here.

How to Submit

You’ll be notified by email if the one of our editors makes a decision on your story. If chosen, your published story will be publicly visible on our Medium channel, here in our Story Teller Series section, as well as promoted on social media.

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