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We are the sum of all people we have ever met; you change the tribe and the tribe changes you.
― Dirk Wittenborn

The Think For Yourself Newsletter serves the purpose of recruiting, mobilizing, and equipping people committed to the intentional promotion of thinking for ourselves, tapping into our human potential, simple living, and creating a life not a living. It is more than information… it is a movement and a way to connect one another.

4 Reasons to Join.

It’s with you weekly – The Think For Yourself newsletter provides a far more personal opportunity for communication than a blog allows. Because of its nature (permission-based delivery to inboxes), we will have greater freedom to share intimate details of the intentional spread of the think for yourself message.

Pure awesome sauce – A newsletter will be delivered once every two weeks and will contain links to awesome, popular, shareable posts from this website and others. We encourage our readers to share these stories and posts via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and heartfelt conversations over a cup of tea. The newsletter also provides practical opportunities to support Think For Yourself and others in authentic ventures (book launches, speaking engagements, interviews, presentations, tours, marches, occupations, workshops and more).

We’ll respect you in the morning – Life is short enough. We respect you and the gift of your attention. Most of the time, it’s purely about crafting and curating content that allows you to either step into the story, or discover something that adds to your day.

For your eyes only – Not only will you be sure to stay connected, informed, healthy and inspired, but on occasion, we’ll share things by email that will never make any website or social media channel. Maybe because they’re too personal or happened during a live event, or sometimes just because we’ve got something super-amazing that we want to share with those who stand up and say, “hell yeah, I’m in!

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