A Beard Across America: Big Ass Pizza and Freedom Salute American Beer

This Excerpt from #TFoTG – Essays from A Beard Across America

I was excited to reach Tallahassee since this would be the first time I had ever CouchSurf’d. I was staying with Chris & Meagan and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Most likely a cool couple offering a coach for me to rest my head on and an hour or two of good conversation. My only concern was that they’d be unhappy with the fact that my arrival time was a few hours later than I expected, but with open communication between Chris and I along the way, things worked out just fine.

When I arrived at Chris and Meagan’s house, they greeted me at the door with wide smiles and an eager intention to grab dinner and a few drinks. Also, they showed me to the room that I’d be staying in that they designate for friends who stay over and CouchSurfers. Sweet!

After I put my things in the room, we were off to dinner. We went to a place that was about 3 minutes from their house called Momo’s Pizza and had, what I consider, the largest slice of pizza ever (each slice is served on it’ own 12” pizza pan). It was as good as it was filling. When we left Momo’s, we returned to Chris and Meagan’s house and Chris and I rode our bikes to Proof Brewing Co. which was right down the street from his house. We shared a beer and a few stories about traveling and our life experiences.

We returned to the house and Chris handed me a beer called Freedom Salute American wrapped in a koozie with the pledge of allegiance on it. I felt at home. Chris and his roommate were on a mission to watch different episodes of 90’s sitcoms that were focused around drugs, that night the show was Blossom. They switched back and forth between that and college football. We poked fun at the sitcom, quoted TV shows we all enjoy and hung out as if we had all known one another for years.


Freedom Salute American Beer

Tyler Goelz will be writing about his experiences in each city and posting them periodically. For a full listing of the cities he visited, check out this link: http://www.tylergoelz.com/trip/2013/america/


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