freedom of speech is dead and the american gestapo who keep it that way

I know; what a long title. But at the end you’ll see why it’s so appropriate.

It’s been almost a month since I’ve had time to blog about anything, and probably won’t again any time soon due to some priorities I have to finish up. But this morning I watched the ACLU TV’s dissent again (as seen on LinkTV), and felt compelled to say something.

This time I felt a bit more sick to my stomach after seeing it than last time. I keep thinking about these normal Americans whom only wanted to peaceably exercise their right to express how they felt about what their country was doing. In the midst of exercising this right, some were arrested without charges, some shot with wooden bullets by assaulting officers only to have surgery to repair the permanent damage, some held in filthy cages inside a pier for more than 2 days like vicious animals, some arrested for wearing t-shirts opposing King George, one harassed as if he were a terrorist for simply being poetic, and most confined to what’s referred to as free speech zones, which in itself is a complete violation of freedom on public property.

It’s hard to describe here in plain text what this is all about. The episode tells the stories of everyday Americans who were exercising their right to free speech and dissent, only to be harassed or arrested. This happens every day. This happens at every peaceful rally. It happened at Berkeley in the 60’s…but this type of thing was ‘never supposed to happen again’. The founding father’s of this country founded this fine country on dissent. This country was built by the people who wanted change. Every major social step was sparked by people, not politicians. Politicians are merely seat warmers. Without you, they don’t exist. Where are you? Where are we? The social balance is off. Washington gives orders to suppress, and their loyal servants follow to ensure people do as they are told. Are we OK with this? We don’t want thousands, we don’t need hundreds of thousands. We need millions. We need people to see & hear the truth, regardless of political preference.

A picture says a thousand words. If you have access to LinkTV, then keep your eye out for ACLU’s dissent episode. If not, join the ACLU TV’s producer’s club and get a FREE copy of the DVD. Why? I’ll let Lewis Black tell you why.

To see the trailer, click here
To see the viewer’s guide, click here
Listen to Amir Sulaiman’s poem
Watch some archival footage of dissent
And check out some extras…Historical, RNC Protest and RNC Artist

So what’s the point? It’s all in the title.

American gestapo.

: a police organization employing underhanded and terrorist methods against persons suspected of disloyalty.


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