america’s problem chart

america’s problem chart-img


Had Enough? Visit or learn more about what America thinks of 3rd party chances.

I still have no idea how I’ll vote, but it won’t be for anyone who raises the most money or has the nicest suits or has loudest or most visible campaign.

Republican vs Democrat and Liberal vs Conservative are labels created to divide the public, 2 sides of the same corporate coin bought and paid for…just different puppets.


One thought on “america’s problem chart

  1. Yes, and for some (really not so unknown) reason, they can’t seem to fathom why so many Americans have become independents (40% in most recent polls). Despite the fact that independents vote in 30 primaries around the country, they’ll acknowledge that they want our vote, but they won’t take the time to figure out that folks are sick of partisanism and corruption.

    Check out (and take the 2008 independents presidential poll) for more about what many indies are doing to build (not a party, but) a movement

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