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I just got through reading this must read blog post w/comments over @ zaadz, and I am stumped. Stumped. Somewhat speechless after so much reading (it was bright out, now it’s dark), so I’ll keep this short. Please read it, along with all the [growing] comments. Be prepared…dedication to the truth is required [it is comprised currently of over 31332 words]. When you are done…click through to some of the links, but most importantly click4yourself to Webster G. Tarpley‘s and his analysis of Cheney determined to strike in US with WMD this summer; only impeachment and removal, or a general strike, can stop him.

I am posting the original blog here (without comments) for those that do not click through [although YOU SHOULD damnit!…don’t be lazy!!!]


As the US sounds out unauthorized attacks in Pakistan, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the United States has installed itself as a unilateral global police force. Previously the American government has been swayed by public opinion, they would spend months and in some cases years with necessary media propaganda in an attempt to convince the world and the American people that an attack on someone was warranted, but now, they don’t even bother.

An attack on Pakistan, with absolutely no regard for the sovereignty of that nation is the most serious of war crimes. There will be no declaration of war, there will be no UN resolution, there will be no rallying the cause, the decision appears to be made and parts of Pakistan will be bombed by the United States. The motivations for this decision are unimaginable, what are they possibly up to this time?

They’ve advised the media, Americans will attack alleged terrorist cells without question if they believe that the American homeland is threatened. What does this statement mean? Nowhere in the world is now free from American control. At the same time we’re told that there is no immediate threat against the United States, no specific intelligence leading to a credible threat against the American people. Instead we’re left with statements bordering on negligence and ‘gut feels’ from the head of Homeland Security.

What does the Pakistani government have to say about a unilateral attack within their borders by a foreign country? They have said no! Their Foreign Minister has categorically refused to sanction such an attack. What do the Americans expect Pakistan to do if the US initiate military operations within their borders? Do they expect them to lie down and accept this? Do they expect them to applaud the US for using all their military might against alleged new terrorist cells operating within their borders? The comments from the Pakistani Foreign Minister suggest that this will not be the case.

Why Pakistan, why now? Why has Pakistan suddenly been thrust into the limelight? Is there something happening in Pakistan that we should be aware of? Is the US friendly government on its way out? A quick look at your world map will give you an amazing insight into the American’s plans for the region. Pakistan borders, Iran, Afghanistan and India, three extremely volatile countries in the Central Asia area.

The key here is India, it is well documented that India has been given a ‘green light’ for its nuclear weapons program. The United States has a special agreement with India that permits India to build and maintain a nuclear weapons program in direct contrast of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, a Treaty that India refuses to sign.

This is remarkable in itself, while the world rallies an increasing cause against Iran and their potential nuclear weapons programs; India is allowed to develop its nuclear weapons totally unabated by the international community. In fact Tehran is actually a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, where New Delhi is not.

On the whole, this information comes and goes in small print in major papers around the world, but more recently in Australia, this issue has found itself in the main headlines. It is a fact that the United States is encouraging Australia to actively supply India’s nuclear energy programs. Australia is considered to be the richest source of Uranium in the world.

In anticipation of supply, the current Australian government has simply asked for an assurance that their exported Uranium will only be used for peaceful purposes. But the issue being raised by some Australian politicians is that the Uranium will be used for peaceful purposes, to free up other Uranium to be used in their nuclear weapons program.

And here is the kicker; that surely everyone should have expected; Pakistan recently requested to join India as Australia’s latest customer in its uranium export business. The answer to this request was swift and striking; although Australia will seriously consider supplying India in their nuclear expansion, it will not provide any support to Pakistan.

The next country in this area is Afghanistan. It is well known that America is well established in Afghanistan, they have no plans to leave Afghanistan and they have completed their primary purpose of securing Afghanistan’s gas pipe line. If you still believe that the United States was interested in freeing Afghanistan of the Taliban, a group which they have previously trained and armed, a simple look at the American bases in relation to the gas line itself should reveal the true intentions of the United States government and military in Afghanistan.

The next country is Iran. Many people believe that an assault on Iran is imminent. They thought that a combination of the Iranian government attempting to drop the US dollar in its oil trades in addition to a massive military build up in the region including over fifty percent of the US Navy being located off the coast of Iran, and a recent tantrum by Dick Cheney in the Whitehouse about the apparent lack of interest in an Iranian attack would have been enough to precipitate an attack by either the United States, Israel or United Nations, but this potential cataclysmic event is currently displaced by the Pakistan issue.

Any threat against Pakistan’s sovereignty is consistent with an attack against Iran. Pakistan has a significant border with Iran and when combined with the US controlled Afghanistan border, the US would be envisaging control of Iran’s eastern border. A less touted issue that is revealed by America’s interest in Pakistan is China. Some would say that India’s nuclear ‘green light’ has everything to do with China. If you take another look at your world map you will see that India holds a significant border with China. The more control that the United States has in this region, the more control they can use against their biggest threat China.

When you combine India’s border, with South Korea, Japan and the Philippines you will see that China is becoming increasingly encircled by America and her allies. The phenomenon is no less starling than the European equivalent, where NATO is increasingly surrounding Russia with America’s allies and no less demonstrated by the NATO/American intention to place a missile defense base in the Czech Republic. This move of course contravenes the old Warsaw Pact, the precursor to the CFE, of which Russia has recently suspended its involvement in. In fact compliance with the CFE treaty by NATO would actually require NATO/United States to retreat from Bulgaria and Romania, something that the United States will never consider.

What is certain; is that the world is becoming an increasingly volatile mix of impending disasters, combining to create the real potential for genuine world conflict. This in its own right is extraordinary, we are supposedly living in relatively peaceful times and the American government is considered by its allies as the most peaceful nation in the world. But what if the direct opposite was true? What if the United States government has been involved in one conflict, war or another with some country since they bombed Japan at the end of World War Two? What if the war machine is simply a bull dozer to clear a path for American corporations to plunder indigenous assets and resources?

Only if you can allow yourself to consider the above scenario will you ever truly understand why the world is falling head first into genuine world conflict. Because this is the problem, the United States government and culture is one of excess. The United States (but for all its classic imperialistic devastating origins) before it finally succumbed to a privately owned Federal Reserve, was a thriving, industrious and creative nation, full of hope and dreams. And then The Fed ruined everything, because of the simple fact that nothing pleases the banks more than war, because nothing fuels new debt like war.

America was about as interested in the first and second world wars as an indigenous tribe in a remote South American jungle, the wars didn’t involve them, they were probably watching on, happy that their country was safe from such ethnic and cultural problems that such a diverse range of cultures so closely located together causes. The American people had no interest in getting involved. This was until two respective events which drew the American people into the wars; the first was of course the sinking of the Luisatania and the second was the Japanese attack on the US Navy in Hawaii.

It is now well established that both of these events could have been easily avoided but were not by choice. So America went to war and the only thing that increased faster than United States casualties was United States Debt to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. Nobody makes more money out of American War than the Federal Reserve Bank, and if you think they’re concerned about getting paid back, think again, the Federal Reserve Bank is funded by your Federal Income Tax. You pay for their private wars with the blood of your youth and the sweat and tears of the American workforce, while you get poorer and the international bankers get richer and richer.

So why do American’s let this happen? Because American’s are used to excess, they thrive in a convenient and excessive culture of want over need. And the international bankers are willing to comply with this want. And how do international bankers comply with this requirement, they issue more debt, but this time to the individual. So they have the Federal Government tied up in war generated debt and they tie up the individual with personal debt.

The American citizen gets to initiate and maintain the Great American Dream of owning a big house and a prestigious automobile. And the American people have another dream; the personal ownership of parts of corporate America. And there is no more popular way to own a prestigious portfolio of shares than a margin loan, this is where the bank owns most of the shares, but you have ‘control’, this is another example of the American delusion of want over need, where substance pales in comparison to prestige.

An empire doesn’t operate without a population of supportive souls. And the American people have been more than happy to support their aggressive but usually unreported foreign policy; so long as they were getting their share; the American Dream. But this reality is slowly slipping away. The American Dream is slowly unraveling in a destructive and debt riddled mess of greed and excess. The sub-prime loan debacle of the United States will indeed be the start of the most poetic end of an Empire.

Little do the American people know, but their lifestyles of excess are all fueled by the plundering of the indigenous nations throughout the world. The excessive lifestyle has caused America to revert to imperialistic ways in order to plunder the world of commodities. It was given a blank cheque when the American dollar was installed as the world’s commodity currency, but not even that was enough. In 1971, the American government had borrowed so much money from the world, that when they all came back to trade their US dollar reserves for gold, the American economy was instantly bankrupt. So they removed the gold standard and went along trading, while the world was left with billions of worthless US dollars sitting in their reserves.

From this unconscionable decision, the American lifestyle of excess was allowed to continue for another few decades, but instead of changing their ways and tightening their belts, the eighties saw a new level of unprecedented excess and the American people unknowingly paid for it with the original Iraqi invasion. People need to realize that there is a direct connection between their excessive culture and struggling economy and the wars that they fight.

The original Iraqi invasion secured more control over resources throughout the world but by September 2001, the American economy was in a spiraling six month old recession again. Six months after September 2001, the American economy had recovered, thanks to increased spending in government and war preparations. Spending on US military since 2001 has increased from $400 billion a year to nearly $650 billion a year.

This was good for the economy and very good for the banks. And the American people were able to maintain their lifestyle for another seven years, the bargain had been struck again, the Americans would send their children to war and in return the American Baby boomers got their excessive and unsustainable lifestyle for another seven years. Everyone was happy.

But this time the American economy is on shaky ground and the US dollar is losing value across the board. But the most important thing that has happened is that the bargain between the banks and the American people is falling over. Repossessions are up, bankruptcies are up and the margin calls are about to come in with a falling stock market.

So it would appear that when the bargain is really up between the banks and the American people and their excessive lifestyle, it is really going to be a mess. And the American people will not support another war, not because its not fair for imperialistic nations to plunder indigenous nations of the world, but because the American people are not in fact getting their end of the bargain, and they’re starting to feel as though their end of the bargain is never going to be offered ever again.

And this, my friends is what causes revolutions, when the people lose their end of the bargain. It’s funny how much people will allow to happen under their flag, so long as they are getting their part of the bargain. That people will send their sons and daughters to war, so long as they are getting their big house and two cars. And it’s funny that the American people will not put a stop to the relentless destruction of international incursions by the American military, not because it’s wrong, but because they’re finally not getting their share. Sad or funny, you tell me.

But the American elites have prepared for this revolution, they more than anyone knew that the banking system would eventually fail the American people. They knew that the system, being based on perpetual debt instead of real growth was bound to fail at some point. And this is why the new enemy is terror.

The enemy of terror will never be beaten and will always be a risk. Not only is the enemy overseas, but as was portrayed in 9/11, it frequents the shores of the free with consummate ease. And not since the witch hunts during the threat of Communism have the elites had so much power to put down dissent, not only with the use of the media, but also by force. All the legislation that has been enacted on the precept of terrorism, has little to do with protecting the citizen against terrorism, it has everything to do with what the American people will do when they don’t get their end of the bargain anymore.

All the legislation regarding dissent, arrest and detention is for the American population, a population which is about to revolt because the banks are unable to keep their end of the bargain. You will be beaten, locked up and shot, not because you’re a terrorist but because you’re a pissed off American with a voice. It will be laughable to watch the elites try to convince the American people that they need to take one for the team, endure the hard times, the American people, for starters don’t know about the hard times, they’ve been living in a bubble of debt and excess. The turn by the population against the elites will be swift and to be frank, the American people will not even recognize themselves.

And what does this have to do with Pakistan. Pakistan is just another war that needs to be waged to keep the banking registers turning over. It’s just another front that the international bankers need to find for the United States military to keep the war against something going. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the half of the population that is still enjoying the comforts of debt and excess will be insufficient to push America into Iran immediately.

The implications of a war with Iran are far too devastating for the fragile American population to sanction. They needed a much more benign platform, a platform where the general American population’s perception is a group of third world trouble makers that knowingly harbor terrorist cells. It will be perfect. And the fall out that it will create in the area will be destructive and the chaos that it will create will be ideal to stage anything like the death of Americans in foreign lands (Luisatania), or the bombing of an American fleet (Pearl Harbor) (Gulf of Tonkin) or a major attack on home soil (9/11).

The banks will get their World War and millions, perhaps billions will die and perhaps half of them will come from the five countries that we are talking about today…India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and Iran. But the American people will not get their lifestyle back and that is why you will get a One World Order, where individual rights will be a distant memory and the family home and car will be something you can tell your children about from those heady fun days during ‘The Bargain’, if you’re still alive.


.i have seen the enemy…and he is us.


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