where is darfur?

Darfur…if you haven’t heard of it by now…then you you either haven’t paid any attention to the minuscule air time it gets or you are one of those shining brass americans who think it’s not important.

for all those humans out there…here’s amnesty international‘s new campaign to get more attention on darfur and get the people to get the sleeping politicians to do something.

get the player for your website or blog now…and help spread the word.
and buy the cd.
and sign the petition.
and keep your eyes on it.
and save darfur.

a few clicks 4 darfur


One thought on “where is darfur?

  1. Dude! Tuna!
    I was just talking to someone about Darfur, and we did a Google search, and this blog post came up! So I just wanted to drop a note to say hey. I thinq that you are doing some great work here. You rock dude!


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