the “i” word



a useful word. a necessary word.

did you know that the constitution makes 6 different references to this word? but yet it has no mention of corporations, political parties, conventions, primaries, or caucuses. our founding fathers wanted us to know this word, impeachment, and how to use it.

.start using it. start spreading it.

– – – – – – – – – –

i’m sitting and watching bruce fein (american freedom agenda) & john nichols (author of the genius of impeachment) talk with bill moyers from last night’s journal, and this is a great conversation…watch it here!

here are some of my favorite quotes from the conversation:
bush is totally heedless of any honor for law and accountability
acting like a king is an impeachable offense
we are establishing a presidency that does not respect the rule of law…and people, americans, are rightly frightened by that.
nancy pelosi is disregarding her oath of office. she should change course now.

do you think cheney should be subject to impeachment?
without a doubt. cheney is, for all practicable purposes, the foreign policy president of the united states.

the american people call out executive arrogance
check out the latest pools from the american research group. they are stunningly unavoidable…here’s some highlights:

  • 45% favor impeachment hearings for president bush (4 in 10)
  • 54% favor impeachment hearings for vice president cheney
  • 64% disapprove of president bush commuting scooter libby’s prison sentence
  • 84% oppose a complete presidential pardon for mr. libby
  • 67% disapprove of bush’s job in office


a useful word. a necessary word.


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