kucinich says ‘impeach dick cheney’

.the news flash. 

but…if you vote democrat; look at the show of hands back in April.

 Kucinich at least has the courage to stand up for what he believes in.  The rest of the Democratic candidates, who did not raise their hand in agreement or even respond, have been touting that this administration has lied and misled them and the American people into war. But, when it comes time to get off the fence and hold people accountable…they just look the other way; the gray zone, the safe zone, the no gall zone.

Now I ask this question…in the White House…do we not need a President who stands up for what they believe in? At least George Bush does that. These Democratic candidates seem to be talking the hard line…but are not taking it. But, they seem to have no problems taking our money (except John Edwards).

 Maybe see what the Green Party or the Libertarian Party candidates are up to…


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