the HIPPO juggernaut

did you know that the HIPPO juggernaut is destroying the earth? as in right now, as you read this…

Habitat destruction (climate change)
Invasive species (ants, pathogenic virus/bacteria)
Pollution (your SUV)
Population expansion (humans with any more than 3 kids)
Over-harvesting (excessive fishing & hunting/NRA members)

It’s so serious, that we could see half planet earth‘s still surviving animal & plant species be reduced to extinction or critical endangerment by the end of this century.

In fact, human forced climate changed alone, if unabated, could eliminate 1/4 of all surviving species during the next 5 decades (i could be alive…your younger siblings & children definitely will be).

The scary thing is that our knowledge of biodiversity is so incomplete, that we don’t even fully understand the magnitude. Did you know, of the 200,000 known living species in the United States alone (believed to be only partial coverage), only about 15% of the known species have been studied well enough to evaluate their status. Of that 15%, 20% are classified as in peril (in danger of extinction). In other words, out of the 30,000 we do really know about, 6,000 are in danger of extinction right now…today.

Watch this and check out the project:



Cool video with lots of information to put in your pocket. Watch it and then take personal action, no matter how small a way:



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