time to go home.

i’m sitting here watching Bush’s press conference from yesterday (dvr’d) talking about the war, bin laden, and all the usual rhetoric in between. Actually, he’s patting himself on the back (and threatening the reporter’s children BTW) for all the peace in the middle east, and how it’s because of him and is crafty war that bin laden hasn’t partnered with iraq and others to promote a more effective world terrorism campaign. what really gets me is that this press conference announced the fact that the newly elected majority didn’t have the staying power to put a goal-driven system of withdrawal in place. republican, democrat, bush-fan or not…bush and the uber-conservatives are still using the difference in idealism as the fuel and justification for the war…that somehow it is our responsibility to help them rethink their ideology to how it suits us (and our f$nan$al gain).

[oh, if you’re an ubercon, please just listen…and learn; facts won’t turn you into a total goober.]

and how does that get votes? i can’t get through a day without hearing from multiple people (republicans, democrats, young, old; people who just aren’t afraid of to have their own opinion) that we need to get out of this war…so why is no one listening to these stellar americans? because bush threatened to veto it? because the elected president said so? what a bunch of wankers…

he’s right…votes win. and, as i see it, these votes are still not completely in line with the american people’s wishes..to pull out of the war, reform education, healthcare, and social issues in this country. stop antagonizing others outside our borders and help the people that live within it. some fear that doing too much at once is deadly. when did this approach ever win? one step at a time…and the first step is to send them home. someone please bring them home, anyone!


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