what do you appreciate most about your mother?

Her Dedication. No matter what; she is dedicated to being my mother. That dedication helped to make me what I am today. That’s what mother’s are for. When you grow older, and find your own your own path, it was and is that dedication that helped make you what you are, and helped equip you for what’s to come.

A lot of energy went into making you, most of it by your mother. From inception to conception to birth through life…your mother invests more energy in each phase than any other. She thought of you first before she met your father, her body created you (with ‘some’ help), her body formed you for 9 months and gave birth to you, and she invested more time and thought into you than anyone else…when you were a child, a teenager, and even when you grew old to live your own life.

so, no matter what, even if you were just born…your mom has done more for you than anyone else.

so thank you mom…for a life of dedication.


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